Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Work In Progress, Dark Elf War Hydra

I am currently working on a Warhammer Fantasy Dark Elf War Hydra. For this project the insperation for the skin tones is Granite and Shale Rock. While these arn't the same in real life, we arn't in real life. I also want to tie the model in with the rest of my Dark Elf army which can be seen in the dark elf gallery. Keep in mind that this is a "Work in Progress". 

Click on the images and they will pop-up nice and big for you.

I chose to use one of the alternate heads that comes in the box. There arn't any fancy conversions here that piece is stock. I rather like it, but I haven't seen many people with this option on their model.

When I started this part I wanted to imitate a sturdy, leathery scales which is how I came up with the balance between color and highlights.

This is another optional piece that comes in the box. I prefer the tail with blade as appose to the other one. More Dark Elfish.

Here is another shot of the severed neck. But what I really want to point out are the heads. To achieve the look I discribed above I used the natural sculpture for the shale, but I painted a pho granite texture on the top. To do this I simple modified the pho marble technique that can be found on my website. And used the natural colors of granite, black, white, grey, and pinkish-orange.

There isn't much in this picture, it just happends to be the one part of the Hydra that has the colors of my army. It's enough to tie them him to the army though when the models are together.

This model is still a work in progress (WIP) so suggestions might show up in the final product, and don't worry I'll do follow up and tell you when its finished, and of course put up pictures.

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